Saturday, January 29, 2011

WIP: Cilantro

Cilantro + this yarn  = best pattern-name-colorway combo ever!

People really split over cilantro, and either love it or hate it with a freakish fervor usually reserved for politics,  religion, and other people's children. I am among the lovers, and might make a T-shirt (or knit an intarsia sweater) with the logo "I heart cilantro." Anyway, I am not quite sure why this pattern is even named cilantro because the lace pattern itself doesn't look very cilantroid and the sample is knit in orange. In fact, I believe it is the same Checkered Acre pattern which was in the Cameo Blanket. Right now, prior to blocking, it is quite crocodile-y and lumpy-bumpy.

The shape of the shawl is a right triangle, casting on with just a couple stitches and increasing every other row on the hypotenuse edge, and keeping a jagged leafy edging along the opposite (long) edge, and binding off on the adjacent (short) edge. Right now the lace curls up along the hypotenuse like challah bread.

I've done as many repeats as called for in the pattern, but it is comically small (see how it compares to the paper the pattern is on) and there's lots of yarn left.

From what I can tell, there is an error in the pattern: it says 20 stitches are added for each repeat, when actually only 10 are. So I think I should do 16 repeats, not 8. In any case, the proportions look ok, and I'll just keep knitting until the yarn runs out.

I'm going to Tulum (yes, again) soon, and Cilantro would be a perfect travel-knitting project, especially to Mexico. but after a traumatic Addi-circular-cision last year in airport security on the same trip, and being a devout carry-on-luggage-only person after my knitting was lost in checked baggage,  I've decided to play it safe and take a project that uses double-pointed bamboo/wooden needles. (When packed with pencils/pens, they get through security without a hitch.) I'm sick of socks, and would knit them 2 at a time on circular needles anyway, so that leaves gloves and hats. My knitted gloves get worn a lot more frequently than my knitted hats, so I figured gloves are so much more sensible. After knitting the Alice in Wonderland gloves recently, I'm hankering to knit more gloves with colorwork, and after a looooong search for patterns, could not decide between the last 2 contenders. So, in a rather in-sensible manner, I decided to knit, and got yarn for, both.


These are for the Flutter Butterfly Mittens by Eskimimi. Not only are her blog and knitting delightful, these gloves are inspired by the Meme subplot in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Eskimimi's explanation is heart-achingly beautiful.



These yarns, Crystal Palace MiniMochi and Regia Silk, are for the Hippocampus mittens, by toritot. As a neurologist, I could not resist this pattern! (The hippocampus is a structure in the brain responsible for memory formation; it is named after the sea-horse, aka hippocampus, because the cell layers are whorled similar to the tail of a sea-horse.)

Now for the hard part: which mittens should I take on this trip? Help me decide!


emicat said...

I was a devout cilantro hater for quite some time, but my boyfriend loves the stuff, so I'm coming around. I'm ok w/ it in moderation in my salsas and my pho noodle soups. A gorgeous green you're using for that pattern!

I've added and faved so many mittens this month due to participating in NaKniMitMo's KAL. Mittens are a lot of fun and the ones you've chosen look like some fun knits!

Have fun on your upcoming trip and hopefully no knitting needles tragedies will occur this time around :)

Rachel said...

Very beautiful color, and I heart cilatro too!

mooncalf said...

What amazing yarns in this post! So many colours!

I vote for the Butterfly mittens. I wish I could knit well enough to knit myself some. I'd love to see yours.

tina said...

Your post made my brain hurt. ;) Of course I am still in the house apres snow/ice and not in Mexico where it is undoubtedly warmer. Love Cilantro, it is lovely, can't wait to see it blocked. And your mitties? They are just wonderful!!!