Sunday, February 20, 2011

FO: Cilantro


This is a little spring-y hug for the poor naked crabapple tree (aka shawl model). This knitted up very quickly, because the lace pattern is the same on every row, and the wrong side rows are all purled back. The shape is unusual--a right triangle--and is achieved by increasing just at one end, again making the knitting simpler still.

The adjacent side features a different edging like shark teeth.

The opposite (short) side is the bind-off edge, and the lace pattern (and pinning while blocking) makes it curve like so.

The yarn is Crazyfoot by Mountain Colors, in colorway Apple Green, and was a souvenir from a trip to Phoenix. I'd argue with the colorway name because it is much too dark to be apple green, it is much more, er, cilantro green. It's a sock-weight yarn that is too vibrant and pretty to be knitted into socks, and with US 6 (4mm) needles, the lace came out just right. Before blocking, the fabric rolled up like crocodile skin, and after blocking, the lace fabric still has a gently rippled texture.

Cilantro (by indigirl) has an error: it says 20 stitches are added for each pattern repeat, when in fact only 10 are. But it is pretty obvious that the shawl is way too small with the recommended number of repeats, and the pattern is so easy to just keep knitting until the yarn runs out, that it's not a big deal. In the end I did 13 repeats, and had about 3 yards of yarn remaining.
Today, there are 22 of these on Ravelry, so this is #4 of my 12 under 43 projects for the year!


mooncalf said...

Lovely and such a beautiful colour. Deliciously green and springy.

knitwonpurltoo said...

It's so beautiful and cheery!!!!!

tina said...

I love Cilantro, the shawl that is. Just wanna reach through the screen and give it a feel-----

VeganCraftastic said...

Very pretty - the color is fabulous!

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