Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tulum Too, Electric Boogaloo

Last year's trip to Tulum was so fun, I went again this year!

We wanted to do the stuff we didn't get to do last year, like go to Chitchen Itza.

(I am about 10-15 yards in front of this structure, so it is actually about twice as tall as it looks in this photo). It is completely overrun with tourists and people selling tchotchkes. It was shocking to me that hordes of trinket-sales-people are allowed to set up shop among the ruins! I do terribly with crowds and especially with people trying to sell stuff, so in retrospect it might have been better to go to a less commercialized place like Coba (which was great last year) or Ek Balam. Also, you're not allowed to climb the tall pyramid anymore! Still, all the Maya buildings and statues are a pretty amazing sight!


Thanks to the many hours on buses, airports, planes, etc, the Flutter Mittens(*) are well on their way. There were some epic near-fails with the first mitten. On the last row of knitting, the needle broke in half! After picking up all the stitches that got dropped during the breakage (total pain, with size 0 needles, stranded knitting, and navy blue yarn) and changing needles, I was in the middle of kitchener-ing the stitches to close the top, when the yarn snapped. Arg! So then I had to un-pick all of the kitchener stitches, again pick up the stitches that had been dropped, and put them back on needles. I didn't have the heart to try finishing this mitten again so soon, and started on the next mitten. Actually the two near-fails worked out, because I could use the two broken halves of the needle to hold the live stitches, so that I could get going on the other glove. (When life gives you lemons...use them as stitch holders.) The palms of the gloves have a cool grid pattern, and one of them has a big, gorgeous butterfly superimposed...It's so pretty I'm going to save it as a treat for the FO post!


Many gardens in Tulum include this plant, which is Tradescantia spathacea (aka boat lily) from what I can tell from scouring on-line sources. I love how the leaves are purple on one side and green on the other, and I'm cooking up a double-knitted scarf design in the same vein.

The departing flight narrowly preceded Snow-pocalypse 2011, and the return flight also narrowly preceded another batch of snow last night. So it was all-round perfect timing, and of course, it's always wonderful to get away to somewhere warm and make some vitamin D. It's a shock to return to this:

It's a good day to stay indoors. I still need to sort through all the photos and videos, and will be back with more sunny pictures!

*Eskimimi is having a big sale/giveaway right now, so hurry over there!


Delia said...

I am looking for some test knitters for a pattern I wrote, it would work for your 12 under 43 (I love that idea by the way I may steal it for next year).

Drop me a note if your interested.

mooncalf said...

Wow to the ruins, Wow to the mittens. Wow! cool stuff!

erica-knits said...

So many good things in this post! Tulum, Chitchen Itza! Wow, I would love to hop on a plane back to Mexico right now.

Your stranded mittens are beautiful. I totally understand your heartbreak and not wanting to finish that mitten right away. I have a sweater that's been on hold since I realized I did the shoulder shaping backwards, oi! However, your mittens look so gorgeous. I can't wait to see the FO post.