Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yay 70's

What a treat to come home from vacation to a big package of knitting patterns! Betty from Binding Off was giving away "old" patterns from the 70's, and I was thrilled to get them! There's a large stack of pattern books, so I'm sharing just the juiciest photos. The patterns that drew me most were all the dresses and tunics. So adorable! And if knitted top-down, if you get sick of knitting (or run out of yarn), you have a swell sweater.

All of these make me want to have longer legs. Also, knee-high silver boots!



The shaping of this one is done just with the stitch pattern and cables. The flared skirt is so fun, and this will probably be my first 70's project, except without sleeves.

Fun cabled dresses.
love that scarf used as a belt



This one reminds me of the emergency broadcasting system testing screen on TV's. I'm not sure if that still exists since I don't have TV anymore, and also I never wear horizontal stripes, but still I might have to knit this dress.

So sleek and mod, both of these.

Many of the patterns would look up-to-date, except for the hilarious styling. The models, especially the one male model (also see above), posed so ridiculously, that one can't even see the knitwear.


(Why are they touching their teeth?)

What I appreciate most about older patterns is that they are for all clothing (and non-clothing) items, not just sweaters and accessories, which most modern patterns tend to be. So there are pants, shorts, tabbards, weird headdresses,

and swimsuits!

There are some awesomely-awful 70's-bad designs, but they are so fun to look at:
(might be crochet, not knit)

I may have to go whole-hog (or whole-cougar) and make this in a variegated yarn that turns out cheetah-print-like.

After taking these to knit night to share, I managed to leave them all at the cafe! Thankfully the cafe folks know "the knitters" and saved them for me for next week. Doh!

Thanks Betty!


betty said...

You're most welcome! You know, it's amazing how those looks are fascinating to your fresher (and younger!) eyes. Somehow, when you've lived through the era, as I have, they seem oddly depressing -- probably because they remind me of how many years have flown by so quickly. I do remember knitting some of those vest patterns, but I would never dream of knitting a swimsuit! I do have to admit that the jumpsuit is hilarious.

knitwonpurltoo said...

I'm so glad you see the possibilities in the fashions of the 70's. Some of those are pretty good designs, but the accessorizing ages them horribly, doesn't it?

VeganCraftastic said...

Ha, there were some awesome poses in those old mags! The bathroom at my lys Borealis is covered with pages from vintage knitting and crochet mags, it's hilarious!

Sherryl said...

Oh, the memories, the years I crocheted because I couldn't knit. Love the looks and would love to work on some of these. Please, tell me you're a neighbor so I can join the knitting club :-)

soknitpicky said...

Fun pics! There are several that I would *totally* wear! I agree that a lot of the pics are funny, though. That guy with the white hat and orange sweater will probably show up in my next nightmre