Thursday, March 3, 2011

Checking in

The second hippocampus glove is finished, and I was going to be all fancy and do a time-lapse movie of the afterthought thumbs being knitted. But the REAL afterthought is "maybe I should find the camera first." Backing up...A few days ago there were some nasty tornadoes in the St Louis area. And of course, not being from here or anywhere with tornadoes, I didn't quite know what to do when the sirens went off, followed by a completely incomprehensible "Wa wa wa, wi Wo, wa Wa wa!" broadcast through the city via apparently invisible but very loud speakers. Giant snowstorms, earthquakes, fires, and monsoon rains? Check! Tornadoes, the only frequent natural disaster in the area? Er, no check!

So in response to the sirens and tornadoes, DH and I got the camera out to record the crazy sky, which was purple on one side of the house, pink on the other, with continuous freaky lighting! During the making of this magnificent movie, my hippocampus (the one in brain, not knitted one) dug up an old memory of hearing the same siren going off a couple years ago when I was working in a children's clinic, and we had to go sit in the basement/hallway forever. At this point we realized our foolishness, went downstairs to the basement, and somehow in the process lost the camera.

All this so you know why there aren't any pictures or updates! Anyway, after the gloves are done I will need a pattern to go with some fingering weight yarn in cardigan quantities. Does anyone have any suggestions? You would be utterly shocked at the dearth of 1) fingering-weight, 2) lace/eyelet fabric, 3) cardigan patterns, 4) that look nice (ie no frilly fringe or other granny touches).

Also, a heads up about the 2nd annual knitting and crochet blog week, organized by Eskimimi!


mooncalf said...

Thank goodness! I was imagining some unforeseen hot water bottle related catastrophe!


Anonymous said...

When the sirens went off, I went to the window and saw the skies and thought "WOW. That sky looks just like the sky in the movie TWISTER when they were at the drive-in theater." Overactive imagination and the whole darned thing was over in less than 10 minutes. Spring is trying to spring here, isn't she??

Sally said...

delurking to point you to Sprossling, a KnitSpot pattern:össling-p-350.html

Simple all-over eyelet pattern. I thought of KnitSpot because she tends to use fingering weight a lot. She's got some other sweater patterns too, if that one doesn't appeal to you.

Julie said...

oh no!! glad that you were safe, I hope your camera turns up soon.

soknitpicky said...

Oh my goodness! Glad that memory kicked in and that you're safe. What about Geodesic?

Gidgetknits said...

Have you seen this one?

Glad you didn't do a Dorothy!