Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thanks to everyone who suggested patterns for a lace or eyelet fingering-weight cardigan! I have a sweater's worth of this cascade sock yarn,

and at first I tried to (again) knit Honeybee, by Laura Chau (cosmicpluto). The last time I tried, my row gauge was waaaay off. I had the same problem again, so I suspect I am doing something differently, maybe doing my yarn-overs the wrong way or something. (I knit a couple more inches of the swatch after taking this picture, and the gauge just got worse.)

In knitting, two strikes and a pattern's out. (I love her patterns but for no one will I knit a third swatch.) This yarn is a red-orange, too peppy and energetic for a lot of the frilly or overly-precious cardi patterns out there. In the end, I case on for a pattern that had been in my queue for a long time, Apres Surf Hoodie, an Interweave Knits pattern by Connie Chang Chinchio. I don't like or wear pullovers, so it'll be a cardi instead. The lace pattern is not too flowery or girly, and the jaggedy pattern looks great in the orange!


I am a little worried about the i-cord edge, as it is rolling up like crazy. It may need some crocheting-down later. For now, some new spring shoes are holding it down. And oooh, I know you can't tell at all, but this last picture is from a new camera!!! I finally saved up enough bonus points on my credit card and got a DSLR for free! It is a pretty basic camera, as far as DSLR's go, a Canon EOS Rebel XS, but it is already kind of overwhelming with all the different buttons and options. I am just using the total-auto mode, but even so it's a swell time! The camera arrived just in time for the spring bloom:

What's that black and white fuzzy blob down there? Why, it's only the subject of 20+ pictures already!

Cammy is enjoying spring immensely, and has resumed her throne on the patio chair. The shadow of the grid from the table makes her look a bit like spider man. What a cute spider-kitty!


CraftyCarole said...

thanks for the visit.. I love your shawl. Maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge!

mooncalf said...

awww Hi Cammy! Enjoy the sunshine!

Rachel said...

How do you use crochet to get the edge to lay flat? I've never heard of that technique and I just HATE it when the bottom edge starts rolling up even after blocking.