Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Aloha! The long blog break was due to a work trip to Hawaii--poor me! I only waited for 4 years, but finally the big neurology meeting was in Honolulu. The strange thing about being an overly conscientious person is that even when on a tropical island, one feels compelled to attend lectures and seminars. So there are really very few photos, regrettably. I did get away for a first-time surfing lesson though! I went with a group of neurologists to a class through Hawaiian Fire, which is taught by firefighters. Due to my swimming skills, nonexistent as they are, I thought I could benefit from the extra lightsaving capabilities. Also, they drive you out to a secluded beach so that you can look like an absolute fool and not bang into/be the brunt of jokes of thousands of people on Waikiki beach.

This is what most of the surfing looked like. A lot of biting of the sea water. Like a super-sonic monster neti pot, the ocean really cleared out my sinuses.

But look, even clumsy people can surf! My fellow neurologist-classmates told me I have a robotic smile and outstretched arms when I am surfing. They are right; I think it is a remnant of Warrior 2 from yoga.

So fun!

Otherwise, the only other pictures of Hawaii are of other academic neurologists (woohoo), and these:
Am I the only person who thinks upon seeing this, "I really wish I had an orange tabby cat and a white cat who were littermates!"?

Pretty orchids. It was very humid and my hair got huge.

After my extravagant and detailed knitting plans, I didn't even start on the new project! (The plan was for baby stuff for a friend.) But you know what comes apres le surfing...the apres surf hoodie.

Unfortunately, the hood was a lot bigger than I had imagined, larger than the torso it seems. While knitting the hood I felt like my head was enormous! I started on the sleeves on the flight back, but you know what they say about sleeves: two sleeves knitted together...take forever!

Next time, hopefully, this will be finished! It had better be, b/c 3 unborn babies are now awaiting handknitted gifts. I say people should really slow down on the breeding, for the sake of the knitters.


mooncalf said...

WOW - surfing! I was lookign forward to hearing about this. Well done!

Karen E said...

I also think there should be a way to let the knitters/crocheters know the sex of the baby when the parents don't want to know. :-)

Hawaii, though. Awesome!

soknitpicky said...

Oh awesome! Looks like a good trip. Welcome back :-)

The hoodie is a fabulous color. I can't wait to see the FO. And to answer your question, I usually have my daughter take my FO shots, so I'm afraid I don't have any tips about timers, etc. DH would be willing to do it, but he best light happens before he gets home.

Rachel said...

Looks like fun!

Tina said...

Hawaii. Sigh. I miss it soooooo much. Another sigh.

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