Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring slow-down

Be forewarned, I'm practicing with the new DSLR camera.

After the week-long daily blogging for the 2KCBW, I needed a little break! Things were very dreary for a while. The crabapple tree started to bloom, and then it snowed!

And snowed some more!

This was a bad scene, considering it was spring.

The earthquake/tsunami/nuclear badness in Japan was/is terrible too. All I could do was sit gape-mouthed in front of the internet, then try to distract myself by making an emergency kit. And bought a lot of unhealthy emergency no-heat-or-water-necessary food. In case the New Madrid fault erupts, I will survive the apocalypse on canned ravioli, canned beans, pre-cooked-and-flavored rice, and matzo bread. Oh, and peanut butter and nutella, but those are mainly for trade purposes. The hand-cranked radio/flashlight/strobelight/phone-usb-charger, and tube tent, and first aid kit made with "borrowed" stuff from the hospital, certainly feel like they will stave off the next natural disaster.

So after all that, the past few days have been a relief. Despite the horrible snow, the blooms on the crabapple tree pulled through, and, well, bloomed spectacularly!

Let it be known that if my house ever regains enough value to go on the market, it shall do so during the first half of April. If anyone out there is interested in buying a gorgeous crabapple tree with tons of shawl-modeling experience, with a house attached, please say hello! (Also, if you are a photographer and you know why there is that yellow circle in the picture, please enlighten me.)


One of my favorites, white tulips. Spring really gussies up everything, including ditches next to dilapidated parking structures.


Pretty pink streaks.

You will notice there is no knitting content. That is because knitting exponentially slows in warm weather, even with new Twist and Knitty issues out back-to-back! Thanks to all of your suggestions, I finally made a decision about the holiday travel knitting: I'll finish the ASH (apres surf hoodie) cardi, and take gift baby knits as backup. I am planning to take surfing we'll see if there's any apres-surf FO action!


Cindy said...

Love the snow and crabapple shots. Lovely. The snow was only really hard on the magnolia trees. The tulips are pretty, too. I do love my spring flowering bulbs. Have a great holiday!!

mooncalf said...

Lovely tulips - they're my favourite spring flowers.

Look forward to hearing about the surfing!