Monday, May 30, 2011

Cambridge part 1

What a trip! I traveled to Cambridge/Boston for a college reunion, the first time I've been there in 7+ years. Except for the strange profusion of burrito joints in Harvard Square, it seems pretty much the same. Also, thankfully,  one of my college friends started knitting, so went on a big yarn crawl! We started in Porter Square, at A Mind's Eye Yarns, located in this sweet pink house.

The house looks huge, but there are only two smallish rooms in the shop. Fortunately they are filled to the gills with yarn.
Some of the yarn is hand-dyed by the owner, and since my goal is to get "local" yarn wherever I go traveling,  I had to get some of this pretty merino/tencel blend in a sheen-y red:

It'll make a super drapey scarf or shawl. This store is perfect for spinners--lots of fluffy roving

and spinning wheels.

Apparently, knitting is the gateway drug to spinning. So far I've resisted, but I almost caved in this store!

The next stop was gather here, near Central Square.

It's predominantly a sewing shop, with good sewing machines available for hire by the hour, classes, and lots and lots of gorgeous fabric.

More fabric!

And cute dress patterns!

The yarn was relatively lacking, just one big wall of cascade

and some other scattered little bits here and there. Despite feeling flush because it was a birthday yarn-crawl, I ended up not getting any yarn, but did get some buttohs from this library-card-turned-button-organizer-wonderthing.

Gather here is currently running a Joplin Tornado Relief Raffle. The crafting world is a small one!  Please visit and enter. There are a lot of awesome prizes in the raffle!

At this point, very little had been accomplished on the knit-along project for this reunion, and all of this was knitted on the plane there.

Next time, the last and biggest stop on the yarn crawl, and the rest of the ivy league mitt!


Julie said...

Looks like it was a really awesome trip!! I'm so impressed with how far along your Ivy League Mitts have come on the flight.

betty said...

I've never been to Boston/Cambridge -- I think I should add it to my bucket list of places to visit.

I'm sorry to hear of all the destruction in Joplin. In general, this year seems to be a big one for natural disasters.

Is it just me, or am I the only one who finds it odd that your alma mater has only one color for its school color.

mooncalf said...

lovely lovely shops. I've never seen anything like that pink house - it is charming!

And a happy birthday!

thea said...

Ha! Is it funny or sad that you've made it to Gather Here before I have and I only live a few miles away? Hope you had a great weekend!!

soknitpicky said...

Thanks for the recap. The souvenir yarn looks yummy. And how awesome is that card catalog?!