Monday, May 16, 2011

FO, and a whole lot of picot

Finally, a FO! Actually, two FOs! Woot woot!

This is the first of several baby gifts in the next few months. I was aiming for late summer = ~3 months, and I hope the sizing works out. The sweater is my own Peachy Baby Sweater, knitted from Cascade Heritage Sock. The lace turned out very pretty and drapey with this yarn.

Sweater is being modeled by Gourmet cookbook, the closest approximation of a 3 month old baby in the house.

The hat pattern is Sylvia Baby Hat, by  Tami Sheiffer, and I chose it because it has open lace and picot edging, to match the sweater. Also, it uses the same weight yarn (fingering) and is free--double bonus points!

Hat is being modeled by balled-up hand towel, my hat-blocking method of choice.

Between these two wee FOs are three types of picot edging. The hat has the knitted hem type, where you k2tog-yo repeatedly on a row, and then fold along that row to get a jagged edge. It's double-thickness, so great for the edge of a hat, as it will stand away slightly from the baby's face.

At the bottom of the lace hem and sleeves, I used a knitted picot bind-off. I like how this looks on the edge of lace, but it can be a pain to block, because each picot has to be pinned down.

Along the neck and center edges, is a crochet picot stitch. It's slightly hole-y so I used it next to the blocks of stockinette. Hrmph, the hole-y-ness doesn't come through well in the photo, but it's there, I swear!

I do love picot edging! It reminds me of beading, not putting beads into knitting (although that's fun too), but little circles along edges of plates, frames, spoons, whathaveyou. It's just a little embellishment that's not too froufrou girly.


The ribbon is a braided ribbon leftover from wedding dress alterations from singleton days. I think I will end up knitting an i-cord though, as the ribbon is not washable. Also, the neck splays open or flops down, and I'm contemplating putting in a hook closure at the neck. Parents and anyone else with an opinon: Is that ok for a baby knit, or is that a huge safety concern?

So far the baby sweater has 45 project on Ravelry (yay!) so that's just over the limit, but the hat has only 33 projects as of today, so it's #6 for my 12 under 43 resolution!


Flat Creek Farm said...

What very lucky babies to receive your beautifully made gifts. It doesn't get any better than that. So pretty, and love the color! -T

Rose Red said...

Such a great colour, I love bright and dark colours for babies!

I would probably sew the ribbon or icord down, and put a button underneath it (babies can undo ribbons!). Don't know about hook and eye, maybe a clear plastic press stud? Sewn in very well!

Gidgetknits said...

That is so pretty and just a bit out of the ordinary for babies. And I love anything picot too!