Monday, May 23, 2011

Knitalong planning

It's been a bad season for Missouri. Joplin was utterly devastated yesterday by a tornado. All of my good thoughts are aimed in that direction today. A sizable number of my patients are from there, and two of my former colleagues are there now; one of them has no office/hospital to work in anymore! I cannot believe the pictures of the devastation. What a terrible tragedy. When will all of this weather madness end?

St Louis was spared from the tornado, although a severe thunderstorm with high winds hit today. My peonies, which were on their way to having their best year yet, were decimated. I had taken great pains a couple weeks ago to create a lattice of string so that the flowers would not droop to the ground. Well, that's that. It is a tiny and insignificant loss compared to what others have suffered recently, but it feels big and symbolic to me.

One peony survived, because it got tangled up in the lattice and didn't get completely thrashed.
Here is hope.

Meanwhile, I'm readying for my 10th college reunion/birthday weekend extravaganza. What a combination of events to make one feel old! Of course, no trip-planning is complete without the knitting-planning. One of my college roommates, who is now a knitter, suggested we do a knitalong for the occasion. We were hemming and hawing about what pattern/yarn would be fun for both of us, not too huge of a project, and school/reunion-appropriate. Then we saw the fingerless mitts version of the Ivy League vest (by Eunny Jang, free here), which the ever-wonderful Julie posted as part of her "modification Mondays" series, and both loved it, so that's what we're gonna knit! I bummed a bunch of leftover yarn from Silvana, who knit the actual vest pattern, and added a few of my remnants, and so I'll be able to knit these mitts just from leftover yarns.
Go Crimson!


mooncalf said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your local problems and your poor flowers. The one that survived is lovely! Fingers crossed for you!

soknitpicky said...

MO has been in my thoughts a lot too :-(

I am glad there are bits of sunshine and hope. I loved that particular Modification post too and am anxious to see what you guys create.

Julie said...

Oh, I'm glad you're okay! And that one of the peony bushes made it. Scary storms!! Those mitts are an amazing mod, what a great idea. Can't wait to see them!