Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mt. Washington

Yup, there's a lot of traveling this spring. The most recent trip was to a conference in Mt Washington, which is near/part of Baltimore. Sadly I didn't get to do any fun stuff in Baltimore like last time, as it was non-stop work-related conference activities. But never fear! I planned in advance for the only 45 minutes open on the schedule--I found the nearest yarn shop, called ahead to confirm hours of operation, printed out a walking map, and ran to change from 3.5" heels to to running shoes (no time to change clothes). And then I got a little bit lost, crossed over a highway, got honked at and almost run over by a moped and SUV (not at the same time), and gulped with fear when the sidewalk ended. Thankfully, exactly where the sidewalk ends on Falls Road, is this.

Woolworks is in this cute little building.

There's a lot of yarn, organized in the diagonal bins so popular among wine bars and yarn shops nowadays. (It absolutely boggles the mind that no yarn store is a combo wine and yarn bar. If I give up my day job that is what I'm going to do.)


In addition to an all-round great yarn  selection, there was what is quite possibly the largest wall o' madelinetosh ever.

Since I've never even seen one skein of madelinetosh for sale, anywhere, I was compelled to get a skein of this delicious red "Tart" colorway.

There's a whole room of baby yarns and patterns I forgot to photograph. But I did get some boy baby appropriate yarns for gifts, Batika in a blue/brown colorway.

I was super psyched to get some local yarn! The brand is Angel's Kiss--it's mostly alpaca with some merino for sproing--in a pretty robin's egg blue.

This was a true yarn-and-dash visit--I sprinted back to my conference, a total 3-mile round-trip. Then I changed back into my heels and pretended like I was a normal, professional, academic neurologist, save the yarns peeking out from my purse.

The conference was at the Mt Washington Conference Center, which is now owned by Hopkins but previously was a catholic girls' college/school, according to the priest in my super shuttle, and corroborated by the internets. The campus has gone through a few iterations, and is now a hotel/conference facility, but there are a couple vestiges of its long life. For ex, apparently the dry cleaning/laundry slips have not been updated in decades.

I really regretted not bringing all of my drycleaning! A 2-piece suit for  $6.45! A cashmere overcoat for $12.95! If only I had a cashmere overcoat... Thank goodness I remembered my dry-clean only polyester jumpsuit. What a deal!


mooncalf said...

Excellent forward planning and some nice shopping :)

Christine said...

Just wait until our Loopy Ewe pilgrimage -- you'll see more madelinetosh than you ever thought possible!

Sarah said...

The combination wine bar and yarn shop is a good idea! I always say that if I quit my day job I'd open up a coffee shop/yarn shop/open studio where people could hang out and knit all day.