Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cambridge/Boston Part 2

After the Cambridge portion of the yarn crawl, we continued down the Red Line across the river to the Boston side, to Windsor Button.

It is next to this wig shop. I don't know why, it's just funny.

Windsor Buttons, unsurprisingly, had a lot (a lot!) of buttohs for sale! Here's looking one way

and then looking the other way. Hole mole.

But that's just one side of the store! The rest of the cavernous store is filled with yarn,

notions, and everything else you might ever need for any of the needle arts.

I finally found a matching dark orange separating zipper for my still-unassembled apres-surf hoodie. Sadly, it was easier to go all the way to Boston and get this zipper while I was there, than driving 30 miles in to the St Louis burbs just for the off-chance that the one store with separating colorful zippers had the right color.

Also, I got some grosgrain ribbons and vintage buttons (the tan buttons and blue ribbon are from gather here, actually, but I just took all the pictures together). How cute are the little anchors on the dark brown buttohs?

More yarn and samples!

Eventually I chose this pretty quasi-local skein from Shalimar Yarns, a handpainted sockweight yarn in the colorway "Black Truffle." The ballband and website don't have any info about where they are located, but the Windsor ladies said the outfit is in Maryland. (The phone number on the website is, indeed, in Maryland.)

After ginorm yarn crawl, we were pretty pooped, so we plopped on the only chairs in the sad little first-year dorm room where we were assigned, and knitted a while.

It's a real knit-along! The Ivy League Reunion mitts are pretty far along now. Here they are after the flight home.
I'm absolutely dreading weaving in all of those loose ends!


mooncalf said...

OOh wow - buttons, huge shops, haberdashery, yarn, colour work... so much stuff!

I love the Black Truffle yarn. It reminds me of Madeline Tosh. I wish I could find a UK dyer that did that kind of semi-solid.

Julie said...

Ooh, the mitts look amazing!! You're just a knitting machine.

tina said...

The mitts are pretty spectacular indeed. You finished weaving the gazillion ends yet????