Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Whew, the last trip of the traveling season! For our fifth anniversary, DH and I went back to Cooperstown. We technically got married by the florist-cum-mayor, in her flower shop. Here we are 5 years later, same place.

Usually, we seek out the bookstores. This time, serendipitously, the bookstores found us. The 17th annual Cooperstonian book fair was going on. Oooh, books! We unfortunately came home to hideous silt and badness in the basement due to flash floods, so I haven't even unpacked, but when I do I'll post pics of the great needlework book I found.


Great effort went into trying to go to a local yarn shop. The nearest LYS is supposedly Knitting it all Together, on Main Street in Oneonta. However when I called it forwarded to what sounded like a personal voicemail, and never heard back as to whether it's still open. Does anyone have any news of this LYS?

Otherwise, there was a lot of admiring of green hills

and pretty trees.

I did finish a project, so--promise promise--there will be a FO next time. For now though, the new kittehs (real reason for trip)!

We are Polly (white snout) and Molly (all gray)! We are cute!

By the way, I have never been to that Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Maybe next time!


Julie said...

happy anniversary!! what a gorgeous place to get married, and it's great that you can visit it. New kitties!! They are SO cute!!

Gidgetknits said...

Polly and Molly - awwww!

tamdoll said...

This sounds like my type of perfect vacation - finding a book fair going on and looking for a yarn shop! Sounds very romantic that you were married in a yarn shop, very sweet!

betty said...

Happy anniversary! The new kittehs are cute. I hope this does not mean that you are becoming an odd reclusive person who lives in a household of cats. :)

Anonymous said...

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