Sunday, June 19, 2011

FO, Minneapolis, and catching up


Well here they are, at last! This pine tree was the saddest runty little brown softball-sized thing when I planted it 6 years ago. Now it is almost as tall as I am! Which is not saying a lot, but still, the tree/bush is an excellent hobo glove model. DH and I call it the Sleeper Hit of the Garden. Behind it you can barely see the clematis, which is the Runner-Up Sleeper Hit of the Garden.

The tree/bush is the model, because I tried to take a whole mess of pictures wearing the gloves, and it's quite comical how badly/fuzzy all the photos turned out. This is the best self-timed pic, of around 20. If anyone has any great ideas for taking self-timed pictures of their own hands without making impressionist fuzzy blots, I am all ears.

The stitch pattern is from Ivy League Vest, by Eunny Jang, with fingerless glove modifications from Accordionpie (thanks, Julie!) The only mods I made, besides changing colors, is doing the thumbs 5 stitches before/after the end of the round, for the right/left glove. After I finished knitting, I realized that was completely stupid, because there are no decreases or other "edge" aspects to the pattern, ie the thumbs will fit wherever they are knitted. So my mods are quite useless and just mess up the fair isle pattern. These were knitted as a knitalong during a college reunion, along with a college roommate Lizclink, for a 10th college reunion.

I used a leftover yarns from my Flutter gloves (yellow) and Hippocampi gloves (black), and mainly from Silvana's Ivy League Vest. It's funny how fair isle hobo gloves don't use up any yarn. All the yarn balls still appear to be the same size, but I stuffed in all of my similar yarns into the ziploc bag, to pay it forward. How fun would it be to knit these types of small colorwork projects, if you got a big bag of dozens of colors in the mail, knitted, then added 1-2 more balls before passing it along!

In other news, sorry for the bloggy break, I was away in Minneapolis--yes, it's a travel-heavy season. I really liked it there--it's like St Louis, except cleaner, not blighted, and cooler (temperature wise, and hipness wise too). I stayed downtown, where there was a lot of pretty architecture featuring old stone--the most impressive was this Presby church.

Minneapolis has a large African community, so I absolutely had to go to an Ethi restaurant. I went to T's Place, which is billed as Ethi-Asian, but really, just Ethi.

If you are ever there, go! It's very authentic--I was the closest thing to a white person there. The injera is amazing, and you can get Ethi beers too.

Of course, no trip to the Twin Cities would be complete without the Mall of America (MOA).

Yes, I am that dork that takes a picture of the mall map, for reference during the rest of the mall-excursion. Except for the big amusement park with roller coasters and water rides,

this was a pretty typical American mall. The only unusual feature was the Lego store! I took a LOT of pictures. How cool is it that all of these are made of legos?!?!

The whole time, I was singing "MOA, MOA, MOA! How do you like it? How do you like it?" disco-like in my head. Thank goodness I have enough of a filter to prevent this sort of craziness from leaching out audibly. Less-crazy-like, I went hog-wild over the Star Wars Lego stuff and may or may not have spent a ridic amount on plastic crap of this variety. Also, Harry Potter Lego stuff! It's a very happy place.
Notice Hagrid, 3rd from the right on the bottom row. He is big.

And of course, no trip would be complete without the yarn shopping! I went to Depth of Field:

I got a shawl pin, my first shawl pin ever. It's made of rosewood, and looks like a bird.

While I try to get "local" yarn wherever I go, apparently this store didn't have any local or local-ish yarn at all! And then we saw a certain type of winged insect that all knitters fear with the biggest fear; it was a baby one, nestled in a skein of yarn, and we got the hell of out of there asap. I did get a skein of navy blue acrylic yarn, because I ran out of this variegated yarn in the middle of knitting a baby sweater.

I put the yarn in the freezer for a couple of days, just in case. 

Oh, by we, I mean myself and Kala, of Vegancraftastic! I have her awesome stitch markers still, and took them to show her. Kala and her husband Shane took me to dinner at Pizza Luce, which was really yummy. They are super sweet and awesome, and they are both vegan to boot! I accidentally forgot to ask for the vegan cheese on my pizza and still feel bad that they couldn't eat it! :( Here's the pic of us by Shane, from Kala's post:

The other highlight of Minneapolis was getting these cucumberry drinks. Cucumbers are my favorite food; I could not resist.

Back home, my garden plot is finally producing some edibles! All of the spinach and arugula (rocket!) went to seed in the super-hot weather, but the root veg are doing quite nicely.

This turnip randomly ended up in the carrot area, and it is HUGE! It sits next to the cutest baby carrots ever. I cannot bear to eat any of them.


Sharripie said...

I'd have taken a million pictures at the Lego store too! Your mitts are lovely - the colors are great.

Cindy said...

Your mitts are lovely. Thanks for the travelogue and eat those baby carrots. They are tender and so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!