Thursday, June 16, 2011


And the winner is...


The contest was to guess how many ends there were to weave in, per glove, of this pair, without going over. Basically a wooley Price is Right. I counted up the ends by putting them in a big pile as I wove in the ends, sorted them by size, and paired them up. This is, really for reals, how the human karyotype was described--someone took a picture of chromosomes during a very brief phase of mitosis, developed the picture (this was decades before digital), cut out each one with scissors, and lined them up in pairs by size. Crafty skills come in handy all the time.

Anyway, the answer is 7 columns x 5 rows x 2 per pair = 70.

(Shame on anyone who guessed less than 50, as though I'd complain about weaving in a hundred ends. (I totally would have).)

Oh, and Lorraine, you were the closest, but you were just over, with 73!

So, the prize goes to Cindy, also of St Louis, and I swear there were no shenanigans involved to save on shipping!


soknitpicky said...

:-D. LOVE the yarnyotype!

CraftyCarole said...

beautiful gloves...and what patience to weave in all those ends. Is there a way to weave them while you knit? I've done that a bit.. but perhaps it becomes a bit more complicated with so many.
To answer your question, no the rocks aren't hollow and all of them are the same type, diabase, it's kind of a scientific mystery. Although there has been some contemplation that some a higher percentage of iron than others.