Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FO: Bootylicious Pixies; and Loopy Ewe

There are way too many preggers people these days! That I know, anyway. I'm barely keeping up with the requisite gifts. Tomorrow is a baby shower for twins (come on ladies, give this knitter a break!), a boy and a girl.

No one is getting any knitted gifts made of fingering weight yarn anymore. Also, no more blankets or dresses. No, no, it's time to batten down the hatches and break out the big ass yarn and easy-peasy little accessories patterns. Also, free patterns. And garter stitch.


Four little bootylicious booties! Aren't they cute? The pattern is Precious Booties, free from Bernat. I made mods so all the decreases and increases were on the right side, because I'm a little OCPD like that. I don't think the mods made any difference. The most important thing with baby booties is to stuff them with tissue paper so they look booty-adorable.


The pixie hats are from Small Things Bonnet, by Sweetmama. There is another option to make a rounded bonnet-type hat in this pattern. Don't bother, the pointed one is way cuter.

Is it kind of freaky to stuff tissue paper like little baby heads into knitted hats? It looks a little weird, but it really shows off the short rows.

These gifts were really made last-minute. I got the during a knit-group field trip to Loopy Ewe, less than a week before the baby shower! The yarn is Cotton Supreme, by Universal Yarn Inc. I love this yarn--it's super soft, 100% cotton, big-ass (Aran, to be exact), and machine washable and dryable. I got a skein each of Celery and Orange Creme, and have about half of each skein left. I got colors which I hoped were unisex, to let the parents decide which is girlier or boy-ier.

Our knit-group is a busy group. It took an excel sheet with equations, a big survey, and conditional formatting to sort out which day we would go. My DH upon hearing about this trip:

DH: There's an internet yarn store here? In St Louis?
Me: Yes. They're open late only once a month.
DH: There's an internet yarn store here? In St Louis? And you've never been there?
Me: Yes. They're open this Thursday
DH: There's an internet yarn store here? In St Louis? And you've never been there? How is that possible?
Me: I don't know, and they're moving away, to Colorado.
DH: There's an internet yarn store here? In St Louis? And you've never been there? How is that possible? They're moving to Colorado? Well you'd better go!

So off I went, on a white-knuckled adventure through a truly hideous thunderstorm. Here we are, a little overwhelmed by the weather and yarn-drunk.

The other purchase was some of this amazing colorway from Madelinetosh!

The other quasi-purchase was a through-another-knitter bargain of a little Namaste project bag, that she had gotten previously but didn't need. Woot woot!

Is it loserish to wear a knitting bag around the waist like a fanny pack?


betty said...

very cute hats and booties indeed! You're right about the unisex colors. Even before I read that part of the posting, I wondered which color was for which baby.

Sarah said...

I love those pixie hats!

Cindy said...

I got the book. Thank you so much. I think you're smart to work on easy baby stuff. At certain times, I think it's in the water and everyone becomes pregnant around the same time!!!! And, it's not loserish if you're knitting;-P

Julie said...

what a great gift set for twins!! Love it. That yarn store looks great, nice new yarn! and I don't think that bag will look loser-ish at all. it's all in how you put the outfit together, right?!

VeganCraftastic said...

I have a crazy amount of baby gifts to make this year too, three women in my knit night group alone are expecting babies!

tina said...

Super cute. Hey----- think of how it would be if you had ginormous babies like that recent 16 pounder to knit for! That would require a helluva lot more than bigass yarn! Supah Bigass yarn. Anyway----- really cute as can be!

Flat Creek Farm said...

what a fun post, and the baby gifts are way too adorable. Ah, makes me want to learn to knit (and makes me yearn for yarn, I mean.. grandkids.. lol!). -Tammy