Saturday, July 23, 2011


Holy mole it's hot! Too hot to knit, even inside. Too hot to work on the garden...things are dying out there but it's all I could do to pick some things and run back inside.

There's a theft problem in the community garden, and all the tomatoes I've left to ripen have been picked off. While I was out there a random dude came into the garden and asked if he could take the green tomatoes from the other plots! Oh, and there's a day program for mentally ill people nearby, and a certain schizophrenic person snuck in and ate all of the onions! It's so bizarre and funny it's hard to be mad about it. Anyway, with the decimation of the turnips by some sort of bug, and the thievery, there isn't too much to show from the garden.

Thankfully, these are funny-looking cucumbers, so funny-looking that no one else wanted them. Still tasty though.

The hot peppers are also less theft-prone. Here's a jalapeno. The leaves are purple on one side, green on the other--I believe they are Perilla, similar to shiso leaf. It's growing like weeds in the common herb plot, and I think I'm the only one who knows that they are edible. In Korean cuisine Perilla is a common side-dish (in marinated/preserved form), or used as a wrapper, or fried individually like tempura. (It's called kkaenip, which means sesame leaf, but actually is not at all related to sesame.) If there's still giant bushes of it when the weather cools, I'll pick the whole lot and put them up for the year.


The only knitting news: my Missouri state fair entry tags arrived!! Now I just have to send in my entries (oh, and knit one of them).


Cindy said...

That is beyond strange. Funny, but very strange. I think this heat is playing heck with everyone's gardens. Good luck with the state fair entries. Keep us posted!!!

tamdoll said...

Those are some crazy cucumbers! Did they just get really ripe and big? Wow. Too bad about the community garden getting eaten up.
Those leaves are pretty interesting, good thing you know about them being edible! I'm already thinking of my garden for next year (since I didn't grow anything this summer besides the herbs that always turn up.)
Good luck with the heat and the knitting, too!