Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hullo hullo? Anybody?

Hi everyone! I wish I could say the 3-week hiatus was due to a fabulous vacation, but really, I've been frantically and barely treading water with work work work. The new version of the kangaroos did not make it to the Missouri state fair because I ran out of yarn and got sick...Jill remains dismembered and unfinished, but minty Joey is all ready to go!

They will go to the fair next year. This year, the Peacock Shawl went alone to the fair. I too am going to the fair this weekend, and will find out if I won anything--the prize money is BIG this year, like six dollars for the grand-poobah-of-home-ec-super-blue-ribbon. So I'll be back soon with more pictures from the roadtrip, and hopefully, a bit more knitting mojo!


soknitpicky said...

Glad to see you're still kickin'! (Groan, I know!)

Good luck at the fair! If you win, don't spend it all in one place!

mooncalf said...

Hey - welcome back and hi there minty Joey!

Cindy said...

I completely understand about the crazy busy work thing. I'm sorry you were sick and good luck at the fair!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I ♥ Joey! Let's hope the fair is back up and running soon after the storms last night. Wishing you all the best!! I'm having fair withdrawals this year :( -Tammy