Thursday, August 25, 2011

MO Fair 2011

After the ecstatic wins, we sped through the rest of the fair. Well, we lingered in the home ec section for a while.
Handspun yarn. How is it possible there are so many categories?!?  There are at least 10 blue ribbons there! In knitting, there are only 5 categories (shawl/stole, sweater, foot, accessory, household).


All of these socks were amazing.

This hand-spun and hand-died (not my spelling, seriously) and hand-knitted stole competed in a separate, hand-everything, category from my shawl. It looks super soft but we weren't allowed to touch.

Kudos to all of the Missouri knitters who competed this year!

Felting is something I don't really understand.

If you're thinking, holy f*ing shite what is that thing, you are not alone. It is, according to the tag, a "felted sculpture." It is a sort of 3-dimensional, hairy, rodent-y Guernica.

The crochet lace section proved much more appealing. This amazing tri-color doily didn't even get a ribbon!

The juniors' jam session. Heh.


Men have a monopoly on weaving at the MO fair, for some reason.


As in every year, sewing takes top prizes. This is an astonishing smocked dress.


A lovely patchwork quilt in old-fashioned fabrics with wee flowers.


I want this quilt! Are you the quilter of this quilt? If so, I will pay you big moneys for this! My halloween decorations will be set for life!


Best in Show went to a quilt this year. Far away, it looks like a regular quilt.


Close up, you can see the unbelivable hand-stitching and detailed quilting, done in color matching the underlying quilt pieces. The curlicue shapes look like they are filled with extra padding too.


This is the view from the back. The back is plain blue fabric, but the super-neat quilting stitches from the front recreates the ornate pattern on the back. We all applauded for the very talented quilter who made this quilt!

After the home ec, we continued to the rest of the fair. Since it was the last day, most of the animals and such were gone. The only non-human animals we saw were these sweet bunnies!




They look sad in their cages, but actually people can take them out and snuggle with them, and the bunnies will sit contentedly, thumping their little tails.

We looked high and low for the angora bunnies.

Yikes. Here is one, cute and poofy. Holy mole that is a lot of hair.

The other usual stops at the fair include the fine arts and flowers.

This was the only fine art that I took a picture of. Very clever, and deserving of the rainbow-colored ribbon, I think.



By the last day of the fair, the flower competition/show is well past the high-stakes roses, leaving room for the dahlias (I think, they might be something different).


Also, an intricately painted ginormous squash.


And chocolate scented orchids.

A rose is a rose is a rose, but this is all 100% awesomeness!


We drove away, got lost, and ended up driving down some picturesque farm roads. Missouri has lettered roads/highways, but they are not in alphabetical order.


tina said...

thanks for the vicarious trip to the fair, the good parts anyway---- well minus the food. You know how I feel about the Corn Dog Category. Still giddy for you about your win. Want to make that fabulous felted sculpture. Should I search Ravelry for the "holy f*ing shite" Sculpture??? Hee.

Cindy said...

So many beautiful things there. And, the getting lost part? That is why I carry a map in my car;-P

mooncalf said...

Now my life is complete.

I have seen "a sort of 3-dimensional, hairy, rodent-y Guernica."

I thought there were no words to describe that "sculpture" but then you captured it perfectly.