Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back! With FOs!

Oooof, that was a long blogging break--many work deadlines (including what is hopefully my last board exam) all fell within a month of each other, and so there was a lot of frizzy running around and no knitting at all. I finished these FO's before the month of craziness, and did not even have time to take pictures or post. But here they are finally!



Pattern is Bridget Cowl, by Elena Rosenberg. I had been wanting to knit a moebius cowl/snood/shawl, and picked this pattern because I thought it was knit in the round as a moebius. Actually, it is knit like a short scarf and then seamed together. I cast-on with provisional cast-on, put the final live stitches on scrap yarn, blocked (this lace pattern grows a lot), then seamed using kitchener stitch.


The pattern calls for 3 rows of ribbing at the end, which I didn't understand and thought it would mess up the lace pattern, so I skipped those rows (also I just hate ribbing!). Otherwise, the only other mod was a slightly longer length. The pattern calls for knitting 30" before seaming. To be able to wear it as a snood and as a shoulder shawl sort of thingy, a few more inches are needed. 34-35" should be good for a small-medium build woman. I was able to use up every last bit of a skein each of Madelinetosh Vintage (worsted weight, 200 yards, in Tart), and Angel's Kiss (worsted weight, 220 yards, in Ocean Tones). The red one (Madelinetosh) is a touch small (32" before seaming) but ok for me, and the blue one turned out about 35-36" and fits better over the shoulders. Overall, this is a quick and versatile accessory great for using up those single skeins of pretty yarn, and perfect for gift knitting!