Monday, December 19, 2011

FO: Red Bougainvillea

Yikes, by the skin of teeth! This came off the needles, got blocked in a hurry, and sent off to a lucky gift recipient.

This is knitted from my own pattern, Bougainvillea. I did a few extra repeats because this is a thinner yarn--a merino-tencel blend hand-dyed and sold at A Mind's Eye Yarns,  which I got during the Cambridge portion of the Cambridge-Boston yarn crawl a few months ago. The sheen from the tencel works well for the bougainvillea bracts (the colored leaves on bougainvillea).

It was very late by the time it was picture time, so all of them are kinda dark and romantic, especially this one. You can really see the lace detail though!

So this makese #11 of my 12 under 43 projects for the year! Just one more to go!


mooncalf said...

Ooh I hope you're knitting quickly! Not long to go!

Julie said...

ooh, beautiful!! I realized i need to get the needles moving a little faster to hit my goal FOs for this year, too- lots of knitting ahead!