Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FOs for Meows

Well, surely you didn't expect a ginorm sweater, shawl, or dress as the last 12under43 project! Of course it's a cat toy! Or several of them.

Henry's toy snake is the scary one in the back. S/he is supposed to be a snake, but honestly it looks a lot like a microphone, and it is way, insanely, super fun to pick it up and sing like no-one's listening. There are 60 of these today on Rav so it doesn't count for my project. The top of the head came from Market Cardi, the nearly imperceptibly different crimson came from this Neckwarmer, and the grey came from the remnants of the stripes from this Striped vest. So long, scrappies!

The fishie is designed by Jackie Ziegler. It ended up with bumblebee coloring because the yellow from the beloved Jersey ran out. So the black from Hippocampi pitched in. There are 26 of these so far, so it is officially the 12th and final project for the 12under43 project. Woot woot! The Mousie mousie mouse is from the old, old remnants of the frogged sleeves from a sweater-turned-vest. There are 17 of these so far on Ravelry, so this one counts too, in case the fishies don't.

Last but not least, I just knitted this one free-form. The shaping on the butt is exceptional, and I like to believe the kitty cats will really notice the short-row shaping and the subtle and symmetric lifted increases. Because that's what cats do best, appreciate fine knitting. I overestimated the yarn (still from the Neckwarmer) and ran out, and did the face with the detritus from the Blue Moon Bainbridge-Baltimore-Fair socks. Now it looks like a hedgehog, and I'm torn as to whether the tail and ears should be mouse-like or hedgie-like. It's a hard life, making cat toys.

DH and I are working hard, to lure this gorgeous stray (and pregnant?) kitty into our lives.
I am 100% positive she will like a hand-knitted toy, especially if stuffed with catnip, and give us head nudgies!

So we knit on.

Happy holidays everyone!


emicat said...

What a beautiful kitty! I hope she comes around soon and that you guys can approach her without her being scared off.

I love the cat toys - I have several in my queue, but he'll have to wear out the toys he has first!

Happy Holidays to you and the furry critters too :)

Julie said...

aww, adorable kitty gifts, for sure!!

soknitpicky said...

LOL! I laughed so hard about the butt shaping :-)

Cute! Surely your bribe will work with her.