Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm going to learn how to ski! Which means, of course, the first thing I did was knit a pair of grey balaclavas for me and DH. Then I decided I didn't want a ginorm balaclava squashing my hair (I already have a hood on my jacket and about 2 dozen knitted hats) and opted to knit a tight-ish cowl that could be pulled up over the face instead.

This presented the perfect opportunity to try out the shorter lace Addi circular needles. To back up... I decide to lose the usual 5 lbs of holiday weight, plus what I refer to as "St Louis weight" and "med school weight" (5 lbs each), and settled on a set of interchangeable Addi circs as the perfect reward for reaching my pre-midwestern figure. However I am quite puzzled by the choices. Online, the regular Addi turbo interchangeable circs are in a silverish (?nickel) finish, usual length needles, 10 sizes, 3 cords. The lace interchangeable needles, are in a nickel finish, 8 sizes of needles 2" shorter (ostensibly because of shorter cords), 4 cords. At the local yarn store, the lace needles come only in a copper finish (the 2010 version, apparently). What a dilemma! While I believe I have knitted with the nickel (or other silverish metal) finish lace and regular Addi's and prefer the lace tips, I was not sure. So I bit the bullet and got a pair of the copper-finish, lace, short needles, for this project. My conclusions:

1) fingers smell like pennies -- copper finish bad
2) it is really uncomfortable/painful to knit with short needles because hands can't "rest" on the needles
3) knitting on a copper finish is slow, not very "turbo"
4) for teeny projects, double pointed needles are easier and faster. The tiny circular cord is ridiculous and inefficient unless I take up socks/hats full time.

So I am 90% convinced to get the regular (not lace) Addi interchangeable turbo needle set, despite the fact that I like the lace tip more than the regular tip.  I do want to purchase from the LYS that has taken the time and cost to show me the options. But I wanted to get some opinions from people who have tried out all 3 sets (or 4 sets, if there is a lace nickel finish set out there where the needles are regular length). Specifically, is the finish on the regular Addi interchangeable needles the usual Addi nickel finish? What is the join like? Which set did you get, and why? Help!


mooncalf said...

Is that the Sugar & Cream Cowl in black? I am LITERALLY going to cast on for a Sugar And Cream cowl in black this evening. Is this some kind of mind meld??!!!

Erin Kate said...

Ahh good luck learning to ski! It's really fun. :) Your cowl looks great!

emicat said...

I'm waiting for my tax refund to get the new longer tip lace addi click set that just came out. This set also includes some cords that have a built-in lifeline which will be awesome to have for some shawl knitting.

I love how the balaclava is looking. And I think I have a thing for cables in grey.

GirlAnachronismE said...

That cowl looks really good, very warm! And no advice about addis, I have one set of DPNs and I hate them (shameful knitting secret there!)

Jenn said...

I have a set of wooden interchangeable needles from knitpicks. The wood doesn't have any odors, plus, most tips are tapered well for lace knitting. I splurged since I received the kit (christmas from by boyfriend) a few years ago. I now have the needle holder, and all sizes available up to US 17. I know Ewe Knit Yarns will order from knitpicks, but you can get free shipping on any order over $50. When I found the set, it was on sale, but I haven't seen it since.