Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Knew Year!

The knitting group held the annual knitting group hand-made gift exchange again... this is held after the new year to avoid all the holiday hassles. It was a jolly good time!

Kateri received mini-stockings made by Colleen. Anna was elf for the evening and looks adorable.

 Colleen received a beautiful knit scarf (?Persepone? Something Greek) from Emily.

Emily received a cabled hobo bag from me--an oldie from 2008 that I made for myself but never used.

 I received a lovely silk leafy cowl from Silvana.

Silvana received a gorgeous Rock Island shawl from Christine. She got a shawl last year and the year before too, very lucky!

Christine received a knitting-machine-made ribbed scarf and hand-made jewelry from Kateri.
She has long fingers and knits freaky-fast. She is the only person I know who gets paid to knit. (Don't be too jealous, because she is now knitting her FIFTH Aeolean Shawl. Hole giant pile of guacamole. Just think of SECOND sock syndrome. Could you knit FIVE iterations of the same lace shawl?)

Food was potluck this year, and we ended up with a perfectly balanced and light feast.
Quinoa/sweet potato salad, salad with ginger dressing, garbanzo/tomato/cucumber salad, and grain-free bread. All vegan, hooray!

 I made Korean New Year's Soup again this year, this time in veg and vegan versions. It kind of looks like vomitus here, but it tasted good. Notice the new dining room wall color, painted on new year's day! It covered over the really dark orange.

Which is not to be confused with the slightly lighter yet very orange living room, below, still intact.
The sweets, not to be outdone, included vegan brownies, fruit salad, 3 teas from Traveling Tea, and champagne.

  We had Christine's cake and ate it too!
What a delight to spend the first bit of 2012 with such a wonderful group of knitters. Thank you knitting ladies!

This kicked off my 2012 New Year's resolution... Until now I've made as many resolutions as I'll turn that year. This year, I decided I'm getting too old. So I was inspired by my dear friend Liz, who picks a word or theme for the year.  So, my word for this year is CELEBRATION.

Looking back on 2011, and the 5-10 years before that, mostly all I can remember is all the work I did. Granted, I was in medical training, which turns one into the mistress of delayed gratification, but still. What's the point of living if you don't make the time/effort to drink eggnog (forgot in 2011), don't decorate for holidays, save the champagne for a "special" occasion, never eat off the good china, don't travel the safari, put off getting together with good friends/family for another night, leave the vases empty, or save knitting with the good yarn? So, the goal for 2012 is to live each day like it's a special day, and celebrate all of my blessings now, not later. I'm off to a good start!


emicat said...

wow, what a great party your knitting group has! And I'm totally loving your goal for this year - a good one to go by, for sure! :)

Christine said...

Thanks for documenting (and hosting!) our party -- it was tons of fun!

GirlAnachronismE said...

That is a brilliant (not a) resolution! And looks like a good party!

Denise said...

wow...thats some awesome knitting work there!

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