Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two skiing FOs

In preparation for skiing (my first time!) the primary task was to make warm knitted accessories, of course. Here is a Sugar and Cream cowl made from the leftover Dream in Color Starry from this Nightscape Cardi. It's hard to see but there are little sparkly bits in the yarn.


What a sweet little staghorn cable pattern! It was 100% delightful until I ran out of yarn a few rows from the end, totally my own fault, grrr. So I did the top with some Shalimar Yarns from a Boston Yarn Crawl, and it turned out quite nice because the part that touches the face is really soft. Someone took a picture of me wearing it but it's lost! So look at the pattern photos with Julie, gorgeous as always, modeling  this cowl.

For DH, I made a balaclava out of this wonderfully free (whee!) pattern from Knitting in Color. Balaclava balaclava balaclava! It's one of those words that just saying out loud makes you smile, like zamboni or squeegee. It's a super simple pattern that takes just a skein of Cascade 220. I did not go up on the actual ski slopes, but I hear other people were jealous of DH's balaclava and its heat-conserving properties.

He is on the right, the poor man on the left has no balaclava, so sad.

Being absolutely atrocious and quitter-ly about skiing means I got to go exploring (in regular shoes, thank heavens) and see cool things like this spaceship cloud formation.

And 2 more LYS's... next time!

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