Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FO: bunny lovey

Thanks for all the advice on the last post. I decided to knit the pattern as written, and beg/borrow another skein of the yarn. So that project is on hold, and I've just started a new sweater, so I've only a wee FO to show you.

Bunny Blanket Bunny, free (whee!) from Lion Brand.

I've given up on knitting anything big for babies, because the number of babies far exceeds my knitting speed. I thought a lovey (what a great word!) bunny, who can also absorb spit and throw-up like a dishcloth, would be appreciated. And fast. The pattern is super cool--kudos to the designer--because it is all in one piece, and the head is a sneaky slipped stitched pattern that all of a sudden one realizes makes a stuff-able pouch!

Yarn is Cotton Supreme from Universal Yarns, leftover from the bootylicious pixies.

Yay for small sweet things.


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