Friday, March 2, 2012

LYS: Taos Fiber Arts (New Mexico 2012 part 4 of 4)

Happy March! I got way behind on these so this is the last of the posts about the New Mexico trip.

Another delightful yarn/fiberarts shop in Taos was Taos Fiber Arts, in this cute little adobe abode.

Most of their yarn is hand-spun and hand-dyed. Check out this great loom/spinning wheel combo! With matching stool!

The focus seems to be more on weaving and felting rather than knitting. Look at these wonderful handmade woven rugs/tapestries!

And a lot of the stuff for sale is of the felted variety. They have classes in needle felting, which seems like an excellent opportunity to work out any hitherto-suppressed aggression.

While a lot of felted stuff is super cute, I think that needle felting, like crochet, has a very steep slope from chic-to-holymackerel.

The most local yarn there is rustic churro (the goat/sheep-like animal, not the cinnamon-y street snack) yarn, which isn't soft but seems warm, so I got a skein to make Cammy a(nother) cat bed. Because this bed (with the custom turd-like pillow) and this bed aren't enough.

All in all, this was a great trip, knitting-wise and everything-wise. What a beautiful area! This has been a ridiculously warm winter in St Louis, so it was a treat to see some real snow.

PS for the knitters: yarn porn, from La Lana Wools, which arrived a while ago but I didn't get to wind and photograph until now

DK mixture of yarn and silk

Worsted wool in variegated green. Funny, I thought I had purchased the yellow and wished I'd bought the green! So it was a delightful surprise when I opened the package.

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