Sunday, June 17, 2012

Knitting Pilgrimage aka Scotland, part 1

Hello knitters! The break was due to, in large part, a safari to this knitters' mothership:

 hint: it's never this clear and sunny, especially for 10 days straight.
second hint: Shetland, Fair Isle (faroe), ysolda

 There are so, so many pictures for you, including
  1. yarn
  2. yarn stores
  3. stores that sell other stuff and also sell yarn (ie 50%+ of stores on Orkney Islands)
  4. hand-knitted goodies at yarn stores
  5. hand-knitted goodies at non-yarn stores
  6. sheep alone
  7. sheep next to cows
  8. cows (not knitterly but very sweet)
  9. attempted pictures of sheep from the train that are actually just green farmland blur
  10. yarn from sheep that have evolved to eat just seaweed!! (In my head, they are komb-ewe*)
  11. castles, churches, cemeteries, neolithic ruins, and other old stuff that non-knitters like to look at
  12. bookstores
  13. knitting books from the 1980's that are a terrible idea even when in tourist mode

But first... upon landing in Glasgow, DH noticed two lil holes in the only hand-knitted item (and one of many un-worn long-sleeved items) I packed, Nightscape. He is a good man!

Thankfully my travel knitting was also in purple, although slightly darker. I spent the first jet-lag-recovery afternoon kitchenering 2 rows to fix each hole.

And then I never had to wear it again for the rest of the trip!

Bonus points to whoever thinks of the best joke for this picture.

*kombu is a type of seaweed

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