Monday, August 13, 2012

A long break

Wow, a long break! It has been very, very busy. Part of the busy-ness was incorporating this alley kitty, on the other side of the door, into our family.

Meet Penny! She has not yet learned to pose for the camera, but she is only a wee lassie, so I have high hopes.

Cammy, regal as always, is hissing a lot.

I hope they learn to get along. It's like hoping an 80-year-old virgin queen learns to get on with a 14-year-old streetwalker who keeps pouncing on her out of the blue. Much depends on the strategic doling-out of tuna and catnip.

The other busy-ness has been moving houses, in >100 degree weather. You know what a new house means... A knitting/craft room! It is a small alcove on the top floor, which is sure to get great light in the winter, but is unbearably hot right now. Just so you can see how sad and slope-y and junky it is right now:

The albatross grey couch that has been deemed not worthy of being in any other room will be living here now. 
I'll be back with 2 small FO's (like I said, it has been insanely hot) and more regular updates from now on!

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