Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FO: round citron baby blanket

One of the knitting group ladies had a baby! In my knitting group, this does not happen terribly frequently. So after some plotting and planning, we had ourselves a citrus-themed knitted baby shower! I got a special skein of very citrusy yarn during an unblogged work trip to Boston. Newbury Yarns wouldn't let me take any pictures of the inside (weird), but here is a skein of their house-dyed DIPS sock yarn.

I originally got this for a baby sweater, then saw that too many compatriots were doing that, so I dug around for blanket patterns. Not many blanket patterns are in sock weight, especially with just 400 yards.

Since the last Citron was such fun and well-received, I decided that if I doubled the half-circle into a full-circle, and knitted in the round, this would be an all-knitted and easy-peasy blanket, and I'd just stop when I ran out of yarn.

Which is exactly what I did, after just 3 repeats! Actually I ran out of yarn to cast off, so then I used the remaining loops to do a crochet bind-off; since it was on the ruffly part with lots of stitches anyway, it didn't end up too tight (definitely NOT recommended for a regular shawl).

I wrote down the final dimensions but the house is still a mess after moving in. I hope this expectant mama picture gives a good sense of scale.


Welcome to the world Aurelia!


Sharripie said...

It's almost like Bang! Baby shower! and Bang! Baby! Great blankie.

Shady Grove said...

Lovely blanket, beautiful baby, fun afternoon.


Angela said...

Beautiful baby, congratulations! Interesting blog. I enjoyed looking through you last travel photos. Gorgeous place. Wishing a happy Autumn!

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful concept, a round baby blanket! I love it. I'm going to make one for my great-grandbaby that's on the way. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Such a wonderful design and more than that such a cute baby